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قطه الصحراء: حينما يضع العراعير عقولهم داخل احذيتهم لابد من وقفه

Friday, April 23, 2010

حينما يضع العراعير عقولهم داخل احذيتهم لابد من وقفه

Facebook Vs Liberal Egyptians

It’s Wednesday April 21, midnight U.A.E. time, 10 pm Egypt time & 4pm Montreal time. It’s the three places where live three liberal Egyptians dedicated themselves to fight fanatics thoughts spread by Islamist on FB, when suddenly their three accounts on FB was disabled at the very same moment loosing all what they did for more then a year on FB.
Fofa, Mark & Moomen started their cooperation on November 2009 by creating the group of “Egyptian Campaign to stop the broadcasting of fanatic TVs” -after the attack against Christians in Farshout in upper Egypt- and started to make each other administrators in other groups where they use to work individually. This cooperation between the three activists ends up with 14 groups with more then 17000 members covering almost all area of cultural war between liberals & extremists. The policy of the three activists was to condemn the fundamentalists Muslim from their own tongues by publishing their extremist fatwa that almost forbid everything in this world starting from playing chess till the right of woman to become Judge and above all their call for hatred & discrimination against non Muslims specially Jews, Christian, Bahais and women. At the same time they were working on another axe is to spread the liberal thought by publishing the column, research, interview, debates & lectures given by prestigious liberal thinkers like Tarek Heggy, Sayd Qemany, Nasser Abou Zeid & Nawal Saadawi.
It seems that what those activists were doing has given the political Islam activist hard time & saw that lost of people are joining the anti political Islam groups. As those Islamist don’t believe in freedom of speech or Freedom in general (except their freedom of course) they announced against those groups Electronic Jihad. The idea of this Jihad is that good Muslims (from political Islam point of view) should attacks by hacking, reporting or any way that can result the close of any site, group or forum that criticize political Islam organizations. This Jihad put us on a war to create, recreate & re- recreate our groups after mass reporting from Islamists. The group of Women rights was created four times now the second version was closed after 10 hours & the third after five days. When they finally found that reporting groups is not working cause we either bring it back or re-created it they decided this time to go to our accounts and they succeeded.
What Facebook has to do with all this?
As all our groups are in Arabic language to be able to reach as much people as possible in the Middle East the Facebook decision to close or ignore reports is based on Arabic translators reports to the administration of Facebook or even maybe they (the translators) took the decision themselves to close or to keep the group or the profile. What makes us doubt the intentions of those translators is the existence of groups, Profiles & fan pages for people who are openly calling for hatred, discrimination & even killing for people. You can find pages & groups for people like Mohamed Hassan, Abou Isshaq Alheweny, Wagdi Ghonem, Mohamed Hussen Yaqub, Safawat Hegazy & many others that all without exception call for the killing of all Jews in the world, all Bahaiis in Egypt, locking women at homes & announce jihad against Israel, USA & Egyptian Government. Even Ben Laden had his fan page on facebook yes it was closed few days ago but not due a report from the translators but an FBI request.
So the question is, are the translators of facebook are themselves fan of political Islam? But we already contacted the Facebook headquarters by emails, faxes & even phones to explain to them the type of war going on Facebook pages but it seems that no one listen. Economic profits come first.
At the end I must say that this story isn’t exclusive to Fofa, Mark & Moomen it’s a story that happen everyday for Liberals, Leftists & Atheists on facebook anyone who’s opposite to political Islam and open his mouth he get reported & lose his account or group.
Now we have two choices either shut up or move to another social site & let Facebook enjoy al-qaeda fans & supporters.

Moomen Sallam

من فضلكو انشروها